Zero waste refillable glass gift jar of fizzy and sour vegan pick & mix sweets


Woo! I made it! šŸ˜

A couple of weeks ago I made the monumental decision to quit my role as a full time Chef, a job I've been doing for the past 18 months or so in various local gastropubs, and come back to "the dark side" of self employment šŸ˜

But why? Well, mostly because I miss dealing with the awesome public and, well...I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE sweets šŸ„°

So, in a nutshell; Guilt Free Sweet Shop is back! And, as the title suggests, just in time for you guys to grab some amazing vegan sweets as Christmas presents, Secret Santa gifts for a colleague or friend or even just as a little treat to yourself for getting through a tough 2022 šŸ˜Ž

Don't forget all our sweets are 100% vegan, because animals are for making friends of, not eating! There's also an awesome selection of gluten free sweets too for those with specific dietaty needs and because the planet is important I try to keep packaging waste to an absolute minimum. With maximum usage of recycled materials, recyclable plastic free sweet pouches, recyclable paper packaging tape, etc. we can all keep the planet that little bit greener! ā™»ļø

Welcome to the "soft launch" of GFSS.

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